Visit the National Historic Landmarks in Arkansas with United Airlines

History is what makes the present. Arkansas has a rich tradition of preserving and promoting what has been left of the past. These four places in Arkansas date back to decades and decades ago. Go to these places to gather insight into the lives and cultures that preceded ours.

In order to make your trip to Arkansas we stress-free as possible right from the time you leave your house, we recommend that you book your flight tickets with United Airlines. The airline has all that a passenger could ask for – great customer service, and impressive amenities inside the flight. Booking tickets has become easier than ever. And if you do so with United Airlines official site, you can ask experts live to weigh in as well. Here are historic landmarks in Arkansas you must see:

Wiederkehr Wine Cellar, Franklin County near Altus, AR

This iconic wine cellar was dug out by hand! Now, it serves delectable Swiss and European dishes. You will find it on the Wiederkehr Winery Property. Visit the cellar for some amazing afternoon lunch. You can even check the United Airlines flights to make prior reservations without any troubles!

 Van Buren Historic District, Van Buren, AR

Eight blocks come under this historically rich district in Arkansas. A school here is one of the oldest structures in this district. In the 1970s, this place was added to the National Register of Historic Places. So, are you up to visit this beautiful place? Check United Airlines deals and make this dream into a reality!

 Parkin Archaeological State Park, Parkin, AR

This place was once inhabited by a group of people known as the Casque. In the 1540s, the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto visited this place and the people living there. This site was officially made a National Historic Landmark in 1964. It is time to check the official United Airlines portal for good and discounted deals.

Old State House, Little Rock, AR

This structure is the oldest standing one of its kind, as it was the Natural State’s first state capital building until 1911. It was started to be constructed back in 1833 – which means it has been standing here for only a couple of decades short of two centuries. This is a great spot to visit if you have an interest in state buildings, and especially of Arkansas.

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